Real Estate Investment

For over 40 years real estate investments have outperformed the stock market!

Unemployment is declining, interest rates are stable, and the stock exchanges are riding a multi-year bull market. The Asian economy continues to improve and the everywhere in Europe the outlook is favourable. This global optimism is driving consumer confidence upwards and with it housing demand and prices. A recent survey shows that housing prices will increase five to six percent this year. That's good news for real estate investors.  

Long Term Real Estate Investment

Historically real estate property has shown consistent growth in value. You increase your equity and add to your net worth. By purchasing the right property, maintaining it wisely, and choosing your tenants carefully, it in effect, will pay for itself. Talk to Jan Gizicki. At RE/MAX West we're experts on Toronto real estate and we know where the great deals are. Let us guide you through the process of finding, negotiating, and purchasing a solid investment property.

Short Term Real Estate Investment

One of the easiest ways of getting involved in Real Estate investing is to find a property, buy it and sell it within a short period of time for a profit. Finding a good property in the Toronto area to "turn" is something RE/MAX West knows a great deal about.  Jan Gizicki, Real Estate Broker knows how to guide you to finding properties that show good profit potential. Jan Gizicki knows where the deals are!

Is Real Estate Investment Right For You? 

  • Do you deal well with people on a regular basis?
  • Are you good at keeping records?
  • Does a degree of risk not concern you?
  • Do you have a good amount of free time to devote to your investment activity? 
  • Are you willing to do a portion (or most) of the repairs and maintenance yourself or are you willing and able to pay someone to have them done?
  • Are you willing to take an active management role? 
  •  Can you juggle several tasks at the same time? 
  •  Would you evict a family of five if they didn't pay the rent?

If answered yes, to five or more of these questions you may have what it takes to be a real estate investor.